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St. Peter’s is a not for profit organization, operated by Thrive Group. Thrive Group has been created to bring like-minded organizations together to develop a broad range and continuum of services that enable clients to live fulfilling lives as independently as possible.

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At Thrive Group organizations, workplace culture matters. We believe that providing our employees with a supportive, healthy work environment means better quality service for our clients. Many Thrive Group employees describe what they do as “more than just a job”. Teams work collaboratively to enhance the lives of the people we serve and that creates a strong sense of satisfaction and pride.
For the past two years, Thrive Group has been certified as a GREAT WORKPLACE after a thorough and independent analysis conducted by Great Place to Work® Canada. This certification is based on direct feedback from employees, provided as part of an extensive and anonymous survey about the workplace experience.

If this sounds like the kind of organization you would like to be a part of, check out our job listings below. You can view postings for all Thrive Group organizations, based on your skills and areas of interest.

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What Employees are Saying About Working at a Thrive Group Organization

Montessori in Motion with Darlene

We have implemented Montessori within St. Peter’s Residence at Chedoke in order to create an environment where people living with dementia can achieve success and have the opportunity to live each day with meaning and purpose. Montessori strives to remove the focus that is too often placed on disability by replacing it with a focus on ability. Everyone in the home has a role in implementing Montessori-based interventions, but we certainly have many shining stars!

Darlene Hammer, a St. Peter’s Housekeeper, knows how to set the wheels in motion to assist our residents in Montessori-based activities. She will often be asked by residents “what can I do?” or “do you know where I should go?” During a busy day these questions could easily be ignored and go unanswered, but not here at St. Peter’s! Darlene is an exceptional advocate and supporter of our Montessori philosophy as she happily sets residents up with purposeful activities to provide meaning in their day and a sense of accomplishment. Read

Meet Susan Sparks

She sits in the corner of the room, intense and focused on her tasks and daily routine. You can feel her presence through the music that streams from her work station. She likes working with the radio on; the music stimulates her mind.

Susan Sparks is an AbleLiving Supervisor at Aghabi Place in Mississauga, having worked her way up from personal attendant when she started in 2000. She works with a natural flair;

“being client-focused and someone who tries to make a difference” are two phrases she uses to describe herself. Susan embodies her moniker, always displaying ‘sparks’ of thoughtfulness and kindness, endearing her to both clients and co-workers. Read