Volunteering your time, skills and talents is a great way to make a difference. Thrive Group organizations rely on volunteers to meet the needs of our residents and clients. Not only does donating your time bring many benefits to those served, but it has also been shown to have a positive impact on the person volunteering. Just a few of these benefits include:

  • Finding meaning and purpose – Donating your time can help you find or reinforce things that bring you joy and satisfaction
  • Improved health and well-being – Knowing we are helping others can have a positive impact on our physical and mental well-being. Giving our time feels good
  • Make new friends – Volunteering provides an excellent opportunity for social connections
  • Learn new skills – Spending time in new work environments helps build new skills and expands our experience

If you are interested in volunteering or would like to know more about the opportunities available, contact Rachel Riley at [email protected].

The Ministry of Ontario is seeking Volunteers across the province. Click here for more information.

St. Peter’s Residence often seeks volunteers to fill the following types of roles

Recreation Activities/ Special Events/ Community Outings

Our enthusiastic recreation staff develop monthly calendars to ensure a variety of activity options for our residents. Volunteers assist staff in providing fun-filled activities throughout the month. Activities may include, but are not limited to: birthday parties, BBQ’s, ice cream socials, performances by various bands/ singers, bowling, BINGO, various sport & game tournaments, breakfast clubs, takeout lunches/ dinners (all volunteer meals are provided).

Entertainment Night

Entertainment night is a very popular evening for our residents! Residents enjoy light refreshments, and afterwards they enjoy a performance by a band, singer or musician. Volunteers make this evening such a success, as they bring residents down to the event, serve refreshments and mingle with the residents, staff and fellow volunteers.

Porter (Hair Salon, Physiotherapy )

The porter volunteer assists the residents throughout the day get from their rooms to their set appointments within the residence, and encourages discussion and social interaction with the residents.

Friendly Visitor

Volunteers visit with residents that may be socially withdrawn or just enjoy the company of others. During visits, volunteers may share memories with the residents by enjoying photos, engage in activities with residents to encourage participation, or enjoy a fireside chat in the gathering space or outside in our courtyard.

Hymn Sing Assistant

Hymn sings are organized by our Chaplain, and assistance by volunteers in bringing residents to the Chapel and returning them to their units when it is over is greatly appreciated.
No singing required – unless you want to!

Chapel Service Porter

Chapel service is always well attended by our residents. Volunteers are a big help bringing residents to the chapel service, tracking attendance of residents and returning them to their units when the service is over.

Meal Enhancement Assistant

The meal enhancement volunteer provides assistance to the nursing and dietary staff during meals by bringing residents to the dining room area and assists residents to eat and enjoy their meal. The volunteer encourages and/or feeds the resident while providing social interaction.

Gardening Volunteer

The volunteer will prepare gardens for planting, plant, weed, water and maintain terrace gardens used by residents. Opportunities to work with residents or develop opportunities to benefit residents through the gardens are possible *experienced gardeners preferred

Music Therapy Volunteer

The volunteer will provide musical entertainment and engagement for residents. Use our exceptional baby grand, or bring your own instrument. Variety of musical styles are welcome.

Meet Some Of Our Volunteers


Rita posing with gifted flowers

A warm welcome to any new situation in life is always very much appreciated. St. Peter’s Residence at Chedoke has made the welcoming of each and every one of its new residents extra special - Rita makes sure of it!

Rita, a dedicated volunteer with St. Peter’s, has been responsible for the Warm Welcome Program since the role was first created in January 2011. Her naturally warm and friendly demeanour is a perfect fit for easing people into their new home environment.

Rita makes a point of connecting with each new resident shortly after their arrival. On behalf of all St. Peter’s residents, staff and volunteers, she brings with her a little present - a cheery pot of flowers comes with a note of welcome saying we are all happy to have them staying with us!

St. Peter’s is grateful to have a volunteer like Rita who spends a few hours each week answering any questions new residents may have or directing them to the right people in the home who can help, or just visiting and chatting with them as they become familiar with living in a lovely new place.

Samantha and Matteo

Samantha and Matteo posing with resident

Friends Samantha and Matteo, McMaster University students, bring a unique joy and light when they visit St. Peter’s Residence to generously share their time and musical talents with the residents.

Samantha says “There are so many things about St. Peter’s that have kept me coming back - the friendly and supportive staff, the homey feel, the relaxed environment; but most importantly, the wisdom and kindness of the residents. I am happy to share the gift of music with all sorts of people, but I feel especially honoured to share it at St. Peter’s because the residents are so appreciative. It is evident that music plays a therapeutic role in their lives, and as someone with an interest in health care, this is incredibly special to me. It’s also hard not to fall in love with the residents! Despite the age difference between us, they are able to connect with me on a deep level and often offer me simple, yet truly wise advice. In many ways, I feel that I receive more from them than they do from me!”

For Matteo “Friendships are the key to my commitment. Jamie, a resident who is around my age, is always waiting for me to play cards Friday night. Coming in on Friday is something I look forward to throughout the week. It’s a great time to pause, reflect, and learn from the stories that the residents have to offer. I have many friends at St. Peter’s now and I love when they ask me to play my guitar and sing. My volunteering experience at St. Peter’s has certainly changed the way I think about life. It’s clear to see that relationships with friends and family are so important, especially as we age.”
“The most moving moment I’ve had at St. Peter’s” recalls Samantha.

“would have to be during the Christmas Dinner when we visited a very fragile resident who was both bed-ridden and non-verbal. I remember walking into her room with my usual energy and then, upon seeing her condition, slowing down significantly so not to alarm her. When Matteo and I sat next to her, I wasn’t sure if she knew what was going on. However, when we finished playing a Christmas song for her, she mustered up all her strength to whisper a soft “thank you.” I was in tears! I knew how much effort it must have taken for her to speak and I was just so happy to have shared such an intimate moment with her.

“I have seen nothing more powerful than the way music can bring people together, take them back to their youth, allow them to live and participate in the present moment, and move them to the core. I see this change in disposition manifested in residents at St. Peter’s, which is an amazing thing to witness from a performer’s perspective.” The Dynamic Duo agree, “There’s no greater joy than supporting someone in their time of need. It will enrich your life.”

St. Peter’s Residence is very grateful to have had 156 volunteers contribute a total of 6,417 hours of service during the past year. Thank you!